Sunday, October 2, 2011

Pressure Pitched

Gang nasty and the bard of bricks
Littered lanes of cardboard motels
or were they mausoleums?

Pacified northwestern time fringed
Zapped by the contextual pop-ups
clustering closed
Delete.  Delete.  Delete.

Bases loaded.  .355 lifetime hitter at the plate.
Tie game. bottom of the 8th.
Heart of the lineup due up top
If only this last bat could fall
I'd be the hero
well at least I wouldn't be the goat
perspiration blisters
Head to hair
Sweeping beads of sweat to mound
Pausing, pausing- they won't run
Catchers signing ones and threes
But I can't even see
as my mind is singing verse, thought upon thought-

" who's on deck, buster, he's never hit off me, he's 2-33 lifetime batting with bases loaded,"

" If they take him out who's left off the bench"

Statistics flow like streams alive- one upon the other carousing the breadth of choice-

"It's the grandest of all stages- would it be crazy to walk him, that would give them a one run lead, but I know I can get the next guy- is it a gamble- yes, is it a calculated risk- perhaps"

A bird flutters amongst the darkening skies
Into the grayest cloud he disappears
and the drops suddenly appear
As the public address announcer tells the fans
I sigh a breath of relief
As I know the tarps will roll out soon


  1. perhaps the elements are conspiring to keep us in me some baseball so i love the textures you use...esp this time of year...crazy games in the play offs...

  2. Wow that was quite the ramble indeed. No fun seemed to be had in Mudville with stats like those. But unlike poor Casey you didn't strike out, great piece. always interesting to look at risk and statistics and such, if only to see how such loons came up with such statistics. Half the time I think they just pull some numbers out of thin air.

  3. Thanks guys, yeah it is the time of the year for baseball isn't it. Craziness indeed.

    Mudville, that's great- i love statistics but yeah they can be skewed any which way or sideways. Thin air is perfect.

    Glad you guys liked the piece

    Thanks again