Monday, September 19, 2011

5 Haiku's

Hypnotic sockets
Bluest powdered pronounced hue
Beneath auburn skies

Silence stops its words
Directing veils unto you
Inflating Voids seen

Primitive anger
Ire spites vexed confusion
Red seas calmed by pause

Sentimental sweet
A glaze atop sugared dreams
Sticks to memory

Mortal coils stir
A wavered helix blooms full
Vastness of fate warned


  1. Gave us five, heaven's alive, what am I do to, with more than one haiku..haha. Liked the third the best and also enjoyed the rest. Maybe I am looking into it more than should be, but it seems to me that each one sort of relates to the next one and by the time it's done. Kind of a little story has been told of sorts or maybe I just got hit on the head one too many times on the basketball courts..haha

  2. each of them is very special fred and in each one is something unexpected...this is what i like in your writing

  3. so a blueeyed red hear walks in...seemingly out of reach...which of course frustrates anyone...but then it turns and love is spawned, but is it safe...ok so i completely butched this in the interpretation...i like the forebodingin the last...

  4. Pat, Yeah I wish I could claim a method to these, but they were 5 separate Haikus that I just combined into one post- but I did write them all at one sitting so perhaps there was the subconscious connection going on- but glad you connected them- that's awesome to hear- Personally my favorite is probably the first though. Glad you enjoyed it and thanks again

    Thank you Claudia glad to have you over and really glad you enjoyed them

    Brian- guess you thought they were connected too, hmm..maybe there is some subconscious hoodoo voodoo going on here that I didn't even realize, maybe Pat's correct. I'll have to take a better look at each and look deeper for a connection. Yeah that last one is a bit foreboding isn't it, again, I think the first one is my favorite as it seems to paint a solitary observation together- anyhow, glad you enjoyed the Haiku's and thanks again for the feedback and visits, I really appreciate them all

  5. These are all excellent, but I particularly like the fourth one. Wow!

  6. Mama, I'm thrilled to hear you like these 5, as I mentioned in a comment at your site, your wonderfully constructed Haikus inspired me to give a little bit more time to them, and instead of using solely in tweets, to post a few more on my site. Hopefully I'll filter some in on regular intervals going forward as they are fun to write, fun to read, and can really diversify what I do here. Anyhow, thanks again and glad you could stop by and comment, really appreciate it, thanks:)