Sunday, September 25, 2011

Ragged Dependency

Is it often the calf?
We bind hip, tied to-
Stretched strand, taut snap
From the kneeling knife
Amidst motion’s pendulum

Is it the vagueness of recoil?
Leaving fingerprints, partial or full-
That traces swirl to reel,
A corkscrewed collaboration-
From reverence to
Severed crux.
From the frozen pin climbing
The breast of a monolithic shill

Is it partition?
Standing in two-
Blockading here to there-
A shallow craftsmanship
Barely conceals separation and scream
Rue and Desire
Two sides, to a man
Cufflinks to ragged dependency
Each, therein a construct of 


  1. "Rue and Desire
    Two sides, to a man"


  2. Two sides to everything, you really conveyed that in each and every line. A real Two Face vibe you got going on here Batman. Holy Cow, Wham, Bam, and whatever else popped up on screen in that old show..haha.

  3. fascinating fred....the hard language throughout make this a rather haunting piece....each play a part within us, who we let lead the dance may turn the story on its head....

  4. Pat, yeah two-face from Batman fits well. Hadn't thought of the character, glad you brought it up.

    Brian, glad you saw it a bit haunting, kinda was angling that way,

    Each is part of a whole, and exactly the lead or dance partners in general do often dictate future events-

    Glad you guys enjoyed the piece. Thanks again

  5. As well, haunting. Great post. I really liked the angle you took with this. You have quite a bottomless pit of creativity and strength as every post seems to break an intellectual sweat. Rare form sir. Great job.