Wednesday, September 14, 2011


The twists
Upheaval tense
Please, feel free- go again

It's a notion
Not a devotional
A pocketful of potency
With lines astral
Where cats and tigers share the photo book
And hunters sip moon milk with a couple of twins

Into barren voids, few tilled, far of fleas, from here to…

Are you libel?
Did you spit- intentionally nearly missing, still with fist waving?
Facial tics, one could clearly spell- of shoe polish in the nasal swell
Creatine crust-loaf of bread
Springs mountain dust- raven fly, 
Gotta be, have to see, keeping up to keep enough, pairing off to split the rift- soiling tomorrow for today- acme covered acne rain, sprout, sport, spruce, lift- is this going to be, another untold story, of should have's and could have beens?

Build it up why don't you? 
So you can tear it down again,
Hopefully one day
You'll have a story to tell
which might you have-
Yet fear one may,
It'll end up bad... 


  1. wow you really have a unique voice. Left field and I love it. Glad to be in Inspiration Speaks with you too, buddy!

  2. Luke, thanks, that an awesome compliment, I really admire your work so hearing this feedback is really great to hear. I try, my voice changes quite a bit, or so I hope it does. Again, couldn't be happier to see you enjoyed the write. Thanks again