Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Alabaster, argent, blond, bone, chalk
Battleship, obsidian, flint, smoke, mouse, taupe
Carbon, Jet, raven
Pongee, walnut, toast, Dresden

Auburn, Henna, Sedge, Piccolopasso
Damask, Jockey, stammel, alpenglow
Salmon, incarnadine, Moonlight Nymph, Blush Cameo
Helianthin, Apricot, Pumpkin, Mikado

Amber, Jonquil, Butter, Maize
Chartreuse, Beryl, Corbeau, reseda, jade
Azure, Jouvence, Wood Zaffer, indigo
Bokhara Campanula, Gridelin, Solferino

White, Grey, Black and Brown
Blanco, Gris, Negro y Moreno

Reddish Brown, Red, pink and Orange
Rojizo Moreno, Rojo, Rosa y Naranja

Yellow, Green, Blue and Purple
Amarillo, Verde, Azul y Morado

Hues, shades, tones,
A cast of colors, each their own
Tincture, Tint, Tinged light
To the viewer, a blessed sight

Matters not the name
Matters little the shade in which it came
All that means, is what shape that hue’s to take
When describing the picture the eyes make

Perhaps a reversion to fundamentals should be
Refract, refine, reflect and shine
Burden of the amalgam
For what one sees
Often is confluent
Blending vision with perception
And oftentimes, the perceptions are skewed

For what you see, is always right to eyes, but what is true to you,
May not be a Truism through, as what mind’s see might not always be the color of truth.

 Thought I'd get a bit colorful for OLN at D'Verse tonight.  Head on over and check out the really great work submitted.  Each week so far has been amazing and with each week more and more poets are contributing making Tuesday Nights the single best night for Poetry anywhere.  


  1. Really cool piece. Very smooth. I could not have done this!

  2. Thanks, but don't sell yourself short, you're work is really good. Really appreciate that you liked the write, thanks again

  3. Rupel, slick, kick, hit
    Stretch, blast, grand, brick

    haha okay that's as far as I'll go, very interesting approach here at your show. First I didn't know what the heck, then in sunk in as I went down on through and coudln't agree more with matters not the name, as it all depends on how the eye of the beholder sees the game.

  4. I do love all the colours of your post tonight. I know it's all about perspective but put together in a canvas, its beautiful ~

  5. If you were aiming to create a visual poem, bright and distinct as any painting, you've done very well with that, here in your rainbow sampler. If you were just celebrating color in all its complexity, you aced that, too. Enjoyed it much, and now feel I have to write a poem with the colors all in spanish--morado--great word!

  6. Damn - colorful indeed! That's quite the comprehensive list you mustered...but it is the reflections in the end that make them shine.

  7. We all see things differently, don't we? I agree wit Mama Zen, I couldn't have done this at all.
    Well done.

  8. ah you can not always believe what you see...and would test what you believe...def a nice piece fred...

  9. Understatement of the year:
    "Thought I'd get a bit colorful for OLN at D'Verse tonight."

    I'm stealing every one of these colors to use in future poems.

    Great Poem!

  10. Thank you for this study list. As an all-too-typical guy, I am painfully aware that my color vocabulary is seriously lacking. Now THIS is a list even longer than the mysteries inscribed upon the wrappers on the 48 hue cylinders in a big Crayola box! Thanks for the colorful read. You even stayed within the lines!

  11. love the string of colorful words, like a lovely beaded necklace...
    we ll see our own truth, don't we?

  12. Really glad so many enjoyed this piece. It's a pleasure looking up at this list and seeing so many wonderful writers here at my site- to that I thank each of you very much so.

    John, feel free to use them- it's my pleasure to introduce you to some of these.

    Colors are so interesting in themselves, as theres only so many primary colors and then you all know about how you use those to combine and create new colors, and then this process can continue and continue, creating new ones over and over again. Some are but a tint below their "parents' some produce some extremely surprising combinations. But it's the darks and the lights that I enjoy the most- from a smokiness to a blinding hue- and then, if you wanted to get even crazier- you can get all metallic.

    Anyhow, just really glad people got so much out of this piece- I was thinking about leaving it after the spanish translations- but glad I kept the commentary piece at the end- seems like many appreciated that so, again- it's my honor for each of you to read my work, so again, thanks

  13. Color lends mood to shape or perhaps the other way around, or perhaps both. Some colors are named after things and creatures. Colors becomes associated with these things and become symbol in themselves. Interesting thoughts from this one. Thanks for the poem. :)

  14. Well done...from all around the world these come. Interesing

  15. Ah, perception. Fun to read, more fun to picture.

  16. Loved this tapestry you have created. Truly exceptional! ~ Rose

  17. Fred! I love this! wonderful coloured words, and educational too! great pulling together to create a higher meaning, perceptions's quality: rightly or wrongly, my has mind whirled off into other meanings, the colours of thought, music, emotion, mood, out individuals colours from moment to moment..thank you for the inspiration..

  18. Wrap me up in a box of crayola and let me run! When words fail me, nothing reignites the spark faster than doodling my heart out. Loved the write...as always, but this just might be a favorite for me :)

  19. cool and i love all the different names for the colours and how you conclude at the end ....love it thank you x

  20. You have painted a wonderful image of color and so well done on perspective I think the images you pain in your poem would look so good in a painting this is great

  21. Well guess what?? Your words in those first few verses go right along with a melody that's been dancing in my dead. Dancing like a kokopelli to your flow here. (spelling, sorry on kokopelli?)

    Thanks for the native flute moments here!

  22. Not only color, but sound. The names of color carry not only an image but marvelous sounds! Like how you played with sound in the last part of the poem, too.

  23. Wow, again another wall of brilliant writers I find hanging out in my comments- it never gets old, a wonderful sight indeed. So, so glad everyone enjoyed the piece. I really like how colors, and all sights really lend themselves to perception, and then an examination of that perception can be worked with- interpretations abound. For those I've yet to visit, I will do soon- first time on the cpu today, been a rough one. Just a few to note specifically- Tash, love your quips- brilliant and elating as usual:) Raven I agree re: shapes and symbols- funny you mention that, I've 5 books on symbols I picked up and have yet to really get the time to dig into- one of which is like 2000 pages lol Jannie- never heard of the kokopelli (sic) but will have to google it- glad my words can play vocals to the chords in your mind:) Joanne, sound's interesting too- and I've done things on that before as well- not sure if I posted them but I actually wrote a paper in grad school about the effectiveness of study when comparing those in quiet and those with noise- pretty interesting findings- but I'll have to check if the couple of sound pieces=poetry have made their way onto the site- if not I'll put them up.

    Thanks to all again- really thrilled you all had the chance to read the piece:)