Friday, September 23, 2011

The Shy Spider

Shy spider slowly starts
A wearied web it must weave

An armada of ants approach
A cascade of colonized clones

As hornets hang high above
A flash of flies swarms to scent

The newt and its jealousy of change
Ashamed of its afflicted shade-

Resolved to a hue of one

Cotton fields, boll beneath
As the weevil works wickedly

Shy spider sated in soiled sentiment
Waits to weave its web at night

Where, under the light of moon,
The arachnid’s artistry’s aura glows
Until the morn, when man taints it all.


  1. The ant reference and all the clones, pretty much drones, which many humans can be, was a great touch. Spider webs look great after sunset when the moon shines down on them, yet it isn't long before such a thing is destroyed by man. The use of bugs to elude to man was a really great way of showing just how many refuse change, yet the light dons on a few and they embrace it, whether at night or not.

  2. I like this one very much. There seems too much going on in the day time for the shy spider to properly do its work. Love the contrast of the ants who do work but work in uniform and 'standard' fashion, while the spider's work is to weave freely as an artist. These creatures seem to represent their human equivalents well. It seems "Man" refers to human nature, ever the threat to naturally magical things.

    Side thought: It does seem that there are more spider webs in the morning, one discovers, as one goes walking in the park before everyone else...

  3. Pat- Thanks, Really glad you enjoyed the piece and I agree. Nature-man-nature symbiotic existence is rather intriguing to me, yet the supremacy indictment always comes to fruition though, somehow someway. Actually got this idea as my car is full of spider webs each morning- it has to be the bushes, and I have to clean them off each time. Then I saw these little ants scurrying along the pavement over at the doctors lot, and again I saw a lady bug which somehow got into my kitchen, which Chloe swatted at and it went under the stove. So all these little things got me thinking, well Naturally. Thanks again

  4. Raven- totally agree with your side thought, it does appear that way doesn't it. And there is too much hustle and bustle in the day time- the spider can't work with all of that. Thanks, glad you saw the piece, like you always do, the contrast-symbolics here are important. Thanks again