Sunday, September 11, 2011

A literary Journey

Today is a day I’d like to dedicate to writers everywhere.
There are so many with the grandest stories to tell
But alas, there is not room enough,
To include the lot, so some will indeed be listed naught
I’m starting now, here this morn,
And when I end twenty-one countries I’ll have gone.

No one can see the Invisible Man
A marble faun is standing still
While a purloined letter is so weaved
A turn of the screw makes us wait
For the sound and the fury to displace

The Blind Assassin was not wanted on this voyage
As there would be many stone angels
Each tending to their own English patient

Eddas, Poetic and Prose
Tattoos of Dragons play with fire
And that brings about
The end of maple hills

An Idiot I must be, this may take
Two winters and three summers more
Before the cherry orchard understands
The two steps from heaven intrinsic to man

Gods and mortals merge
In battle and in play
An Odyssey shall certainly come to be

Steeped in 20 love songs-
And a song of despair,
The poet’s in NY, finding Love-
In the time of Cholera
As Aunt Julia and the Scriptwriter
Plots a course to land

Invisible cities
Surrounding coliseums
Where Deities and gladiators fight for rights

There’s an unbearable lightness of being

Soon will come the setting sun

As will the soldiers play in fields
Between the rice and the red sorghum

A late divorce in a holy land

Brings tears to those who can’t understand
Les miserables under guillotine

Cry, the beloved weeps from a distant land

Riders of the chariot
Perhaps fly too high this day

Sparking blasts to the son
Stephen Daedalus walks cobbled roads
Searching for answers he’s yet to questions plan

Treasures will not be found
When scientist becomes lab rat
Jumps the tops atop the eaves of homes
 The Parisian nights blister an afterglow
When the answer was a proud as day
A beast leaves traces behind each case
So detectives can detect in him
Don’t look into the mirror
Don’t go into the closet
Worlds too great for mortal man
Even those with portraits changed

Back to the fruit of the land
As beloved notes play again


  1. Nice, you through in tons of references in this piece. I got a bunch as I went through, some I even forgot I knew..haha. I think I got most of them actually, enjoyed picking through this one.

  2. Fred...This flows so beautifully...Silk in the wind my friend. I read this to three people and now I'm commenting. Something about this one just holds a pace and that is almost responsive to the reader. A conversation it seems to have...Just amazing. Kudos...and then some.

  3. I'm glad you each enjoyed this literary tribute in verse. I had a list of authors and from memory each their works- Pat, you have me rhyming here now-lol I tried to pick some that I thought most would be familiar with, so glad some came through. Each break represents a new country, and the majority of the words are taken for the most part word for word, if not played with from titles of books. ANyhow glad you all enjoyed the piece, thanks again