Monday, September 12, 2011's but A Maiden's fancy

Yearly now the days they same
To blend in hue before her shaken knees
With each crest pinned unto bare chest
 Infernos arise adjusting breadth

The maiden dreams of rivers
As if drowning would awaken his sight

In Sir Mountable
She’d pick her burden free
Allowing petaled stem to wilt at ease

Tending the troughs and stables clear
Lingers longest by the strongest steed
Caressing mane to where he rides toward fear
If but minute of fleeting passage
It were as if he were with her near

Before cocks call the morning sun
Many pails of water had spilt their last
Arms so limp from the repetitive
Yet she minded not a bit
For it gave her eyes the chance to espy him

The maiden dreams of rivers
Flowing swiftly through the vale
Smoothing over bridge, loving each her toes

To see her man that never knew the proper name she’d owned
Alive within his brilliant armored throne
Light bathes its charms,
Atop where metal meets each his jointed cracks of bone

All time steers clean dry
Even long past the dust has echoed its faintest cry

On more than one occasion
The keepers came to see
Her eyes caught in amazement
Staring into fields were songs of wrens weren’t sung

The maiden dreams of rivers
Atop the sparkling facades
Long and streaming flow
And deep into the darkness that undoubtedly dwelt below

It’s in this world of imagine
Where her heart becomes a queen
And within this overplayed drama
The knight becomes her king

As deep within the waters warm
Stirs the dreams of rivers served
A most chivalrous form
A moment sparking each her severed nerves   


  1. dude your word play is a riot...starting with the title...sir mountable...ah i hope she realizes a few of those dreams....

  2. I love the whole medieval backdrop at play in this peice, you really brought it to light. The words you play off of were great too and tons of rhyme was due. I think you've been hanging around my place too long..haha, this one came off like quite the rhyming song.

  3. Brian, thanks, glad you enjoyed the word play here. Had the idea watching Your Highness of all movies. No one can argue she doesn't dream big, lol

  4. Pat, thanks glad you enjoyed the piece. Perhaps, I've noticed a major influx in rhyme lately- popping up even as I chit-chat with the dogs and cats, yep- but all good, thanks again

  5. I love that name too, Sir Mountable.. LOL
    Love tales of knights and fair maidens and such but, I love a happy ending :)
    Thanks for such a lovely comment on mine Fred.

  6. Seems a bit sad. The maiden appears to be a commoner and the knight is not in her reach, yet each day she works there to catch the sight of him as much as she can. I love the bardic quality of this piece.

  7. Daydreamer- thanks, glad you liked it. I try to play around with words a bit, or so I've been told- Actually, I have to admit, I happened to be watching a sportcenter highlight and the way the announcer said insurmountable got me thinking of the Sir you see hear, and in it decided i'd make him not only the object of a young girls passion, but also embodying the word itself- thanks again

  8. Raven, you have this exactly how I saw it too. It is sad, but she's basically star struck and the only relief from her common life is to steal glimpses and live in her dreams and imagination. I love medieval tales, and I did try to emulate the era in tone- glad you saw it, and really glad you enjoyed it, thanks