Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Well-Wisher

Well-wishing and looking at the rippled lines
Vacancy’s and for sale signs
Can be seen as discouraging tombs
Or as opportunity to invest anew

Flies amass to stickiness
Sweet like candy, more or less
So, as you enjoy each treats bliss
Remember, that flies also swarm to…

Wink, wink, nod, nod
Poking your eyes out with the cattle prod
Electric bolts to spark you bright
On a fated windswept night

Oh, how the niceties in life
Can grow to be repulsive
And how the ugliest thoughts
Can become the prettiest

I’m closing my eyes and praying on a penny.
Believing upon splash comes the answers to my dreams aplenty


  1. perhapsthe old wishing well will come through for you...yes for sale signs are a bit disturbing, almost as much as where that is heading...

  2. Brian, thanks, wishing wells were so much fun when I was a kid we'd visit to lots of places that always seemed to have wishing wells- now-a-days the last few cities I've been to seem to be filled with For Sale signs and boarded up buildings- pretty depressing, but got me thinking that for everyone going through rough spots there's an opportunity for others to profit from their misery. Which got me thinking where did all the wishing wells go. Thanks for the feedback, appreciated as always

  3. I don't think I have ever even seen a wishing well. But it does seem like a said state of affiars when more for sale signs are up that there is businesses open. And look at you rhyming up a storm, starting to become a tad of the norm..haha.

    "Wink, wink, nod, nod
    Poking your eyes out with the cattle prod"

    I laughed at those two lines, not sure if I was supposed to or not though..haha

    WV is "barks" but the cat

  4. Pat, oh, I'm sure you've seen wishing well's, if not a wishing well then I'm sure you've seen a fountain- same concept really- fountains/wishing well's very interchangeable. But Wishing Well's themselves are very obsolete these days- so that's what I was referring to always seeing around- but there are Wishing Well's too- well there used to be way back when- so fountains I guess would be what I was referring to- just what we've always called them- lol The rhyme, well yeah it creeps up on you and like a good cold it sticks around, but where colds suck, rhyming doesn't, and yeah, definitely the cattle prod was there to provoke a laugh- thanks for the feedback- appreciate it as always