Thursday, September 15, 2011

Nostalgic Reincarnation

Ok.  I promised a poem today, well said I'd try, and I was able to put one together.

Lincoln Logs and Tinker Toys
Lego blocks construct or die
Cobra’s laying in wait
Joes of General Issue will not run scared
As knowing’s half the battle they’ll be aware

Lick ‘em Stick em’
Cool to taste
Rock ‘em Sock em’
Robotics on display

Sen Sen, licorice charm
Mixing pop rocks on a dare
Coca-Cola doing pennies harm
While Slinky’s slink along the stairs

In the dark, Bloody Mary may appear
In the mirror from nowhere, so please
Don’t say the name 3 times, if once you do, don’t repeat
Betelgeuse, Betelgeuse, NO, NO, stop right there!

Trouble, trouble
In the Pop-o-matic bubble-
Sorry, but the Chutes and Ladders break and fold
Scrabbled, Upwords, we Connect to Four, spawning a game
Of Trivia Pursuit, that for me,
Often leads,
To a trip into

All in fun, the songs now play
Snap, Crackle,
Poppers sound as Sparklers light the way
M40’s and Bottle-Rockets explode and take flight
But all’s well and good, laughing loudly
Until you’ll get stuck drawing four
Again and again…

Eventually all the fun has to end
But then again,
Perhaps a wildcard will show its face
In which case
Mario and his princess may just yet, have time to get away


  1. dude i just had the best flashback ever...the bloody mary in the mirror is frickin awesome...did everyone hear that story...really some great touches on memories in this one...

  2. Brian, glad you liked this piece, just took a trip down memory lane, tried to mix in whatever toys, stories, tales etc.. i could remember from youth-moreso what was popular at one time. As for the Bloody Mary story, not really sure if everyone has heard it or not- I'm into urban legends and it's a pretty popular one- Actually forgot all about it but saw a preview for a new movie- where a couple little girls were doing the 3 times thing- so guess it's pretty popular- or at least those who made the trailer believe it is, lol Again, glad you liked the piece, thanks again

  3. Trival pursuit to candyland, geez really switching gears there..haha and can't beat mario, another one with tons of references I like, Gave me an idea for a board game rhyme too..haha

  4. Yeah this one was just an old trip down memory lane- Got thinking about this when I was playing words with friends, which I absolutely love by the way, and that scrabble thought turned into another old fancy and then another- so I threw them all together in this one. It was a lot of fun- I'll wait and see, your board game romp should be fun for sure, just gotta watch out for the Do not pass go, go directly to jail card- that can cause a pain for sure. For the Cat, Jinga would be good, perhaps knocking pieces around lol Thanks again