Friday, September 23, 2011

Babel Flute

Arbor eat EM
As Phaeton turns off track

Boa’s squeeze
To heart in chest
When wheels spite trunked legs

Foliage falls
Cradled by air

Displeasure of countenance
Carried profusely in chained fury’s protraction
Whence the Jacobean walls erode in crumbled fear

In trance you sit,
With eyes affixed
Upon a frog exiting a foxhole free

In so doing-
Your thoughts foster new opinion
No longer relocating tangential

The haunted shawl does not flutter
In the gusty hallows of soured vanes
A scene vilified in your mental tales
Replaying Calypso’s failed attempt
No longer do you smell the burning tar

Repaved are your drives
And you’re now free to dream
Babel on
Cut short the curtsy
Scissor kick gently
The trim of frowns
You’ve be known to wear


  1. I caught a lot of references tied together yet, sorta of not in this one, if that makes any sense. Liked how you sort of build the piece from the ground up too and then gave a repaving of sorts there at the end.

  2. "Foliage falls
    Cradled by air"

    A beautiful space in a hypnotic piece.

  3. Pat, yeah that makes sense. Thanks, I really put a builders mindset hat on to pen this one. Glad you noticed that, thanks again


    Really please you enjoyed the write- hypnotic may just be the perfect compliment to a writer:)

  4. ha nice wordplay in the opening line...we pretty well destroy anything that stands in teh path of our progress dont we...

  5. Brian, we pretty much do that yes, completely agree. Hope your R & R weekend is going well, you both deserve it. Don't miss your steeler game though, should be ugly for Colts fans. Thanks again