Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Wit and Writs of the Rapier

A rapier weaves a thoughtless trail
Lacking tact its breath unveils
A wrathful conviction beneath the shell
Surmounting a totality that’s born to swell

Paragon, ink-thieves and the ilk
Jumping canyons atop worms of silk
Pantheon, cemetery to the old
Caressing details yet to erode

A crimson patriot
A magenta scout
Out damned spot-
From dimples spoils amassed en route

A rapier weaves methodical
Flashing lines thin yet full
Jagged smooth embossed above
The stitch a victim learns to love

Plagiarists and the stories stole
Evading flotsam while arrest on untruths told
Pugilists, sparring foil with fist
To those foolish few seeking a kiss


  1. Yep everything about a rapier is thoughtless that's for sure, more instinct to survive or down right ignorance at times too.

  2. Thanks Pat, very true indeed. Thanks, great feedback as usual