Saturday, September 17, 2011


In striations depth imposed
Grog still fresh clings the throat
Venires writ to compose chairs
Draconian brows beg beware


Eye spells the blush of an In-glistened

Telemetry speaks laud its clicks
Characterized blithe through the glitch
Quickened phrase broached fore braised
Gulf-brides pronounced/ betrays

Seismic tic
Fumbling fits
Photostat directing scratch
Finite grasp of gradations shine
The Phenom in (us) all


  1. wondering if i get what is hidden behind these lines...but if it is what i think it is, you've done a great job fred..

  2. Claudia, There's a few angles mixed up in here, but there is a predominant , I'll say notion, hidden indeed. Not sure if it's what you're thinking or not, but either way- One of my many rites is Poetry is what he/she interpret it to be- Thanks for stopping by, always the pleasure

  3. Really let the F's have their fun today, liked how they set the mood of the piece, fumbling fits was a nice one. A glitch and stuff the occurs with hastened speed, not taking the time to look? That's what I took from it, right? wrong?

  4. it is obviously about the american males incessant need to drink beer and watch football...rather draconian i know...smiles.

  5. I'm sure that I have not seen the intended message but the journey it led me on was great none-the-less...To the journey of Odysseus when Mighty Poseidon Wrecked Havoc on the sea led them into the cavern of Cyclops. I don't know...but that is where I went...Good write buddy

  6. Pat, yeah I played around with sound a lot in this piece, I find it fun to do so, and have been known to do so on more than a few occasions. As far as interpretations go, I think everyone is as valid as any other- I can definitely see the angle you're looking at, makes a lot of sense, this piece is so jumbled up in puzzles it's rather difficult to pinpoint exactly which of the angles is even the one I had in mind, Brian's idea about inebriation is an angle I had thought of- a lot of the puzzle can be unlocked by a deeper look at the first stanza and the word play-hint, as they sound spoken throughout the piece- one in particular.

    As I said there's a bunch of angles in most poetry- at least that's how I like to look at it, and there's never a clear cut yes or no- at least, again, not for me- poetry is all about the interpretation on the part of the reader- But I love hearing everyone's takes- I learn something new every time-

    Randy- I like your thought about the mythical journey, which is really cool- I have to say I didn't consciously include it, but seeing how I'm all about myth- it's quite possible I tossed some things in there subconsciously- and again- whatever the reader gets out of apiece- is how it should be- Thanks again really appreciate the feedback and glad you all enjoyed the write