Friday, September 9, 2011


Ardent skies in turn
Divide the day and the night
With a pause called life


  1. Wow shortest post I ever seen from you..haha

    Nice one none the less though. Took me a minute to see how it related to beer though. Guess that's just because I hate beer..haha...should just stop and pause once in a while and enjoy life.

  2. are you serious...all those long poems and today i get a haiku...i feel gypped...smiles...just kidding...the pause of life, nice turn of phrase

  3. Thanks all. Luke, you're right it is a Senryu, didn't even tag it, thanks for that. Pat, beer haiku was a blogger goof, I wrote one of those a long time ago, and apparently when I tagged it I didn't check...It does it all the time for Rhyme, as It's rhyme time pops up all the time as I tagged a piece with your site a while back and blogger makes it the first one up whenever rhyme is used...

    I know this is a tiny piece, looks really strange on the blog. lol... I actually write a lot of these smaller pieces, Haikus, Tankas, monostitch, etc.. but typically I either put them up on Twitter or save them for a big post of a bunch. Wasn't feeling that great yesterday and all I had was a couple pieces that I didn't feel like posting yet, but still wanted to post something and so Haiku it was.

    Glad you all enjoyed it thanks for the feedback:)