Saturday, September 10, 2011

She ( Anthology of Wantonness)

Marionette I’ve grown to be
Lost upon the strings of she

Distastes remembered forgotten in
A lustful crush birthed by sin

Varietal spices linger long
Yet those in love refute their songs

Once upon a thundered sky
Blissful reigns dismissed of shine

Rhythmic are the waves it seems
When lost ashore, devoid of she

Arid, amidst a rainfall’s stray
Remembered are the sweetest days

Each grain rekindled since
Morose claims unleash its pinch
A scarlet frost descends
Absent midnight’s are avenged
Where calamity and dismay
Forage free upon man’s shame

Robust ardor, crosses limbs
Arms outstretched accepting in
All tendrils of hypotheses
Until regaining the scent of she

Waking mournful in tidal cover
Harshest immersion splits asunder

Gaps of quakes sliver sized
Reflecting chasms in the eyes

Languor clamors for apology
To tempest beleaguered stets of she

Alas, a journeys ceases to start
When championed by the hollowed heart

Forlorn scars adrift in storm
Beckons comfort laced by scorn

Calliope whistles harshly through
When heroes roam are sparse & few

Iris circles sharpened hue
A message contracted for you

Unaware to the silent allegory
You notice not the guise of she

Softly succumbing to the bee
Honey trickling thigh to knee
A coveting wisdom claims the rights
To defer judgment on this night

Atop painted canvas undulations seep
As rigors suppress the voice of she
To which pause forms a glow
Of silent lines clouding slow
In the early next day’s light
You pinch flesh to confirm the sight

A ray flickers back then forth
Painting a tract south to north

At peace she lays, sun bathing each her sides
Defenseless while the armor hides

You want to touch; you need to feel
Yet afraid with arousal comes repeal

Invigorated from the evenings spell
You wait what emotions that soon shall dwell

If hidden deep below the glowering
Rested the possibility for loving
 What proof’s there to state
To believe she won’t revert face

With portent words drinking mind
You slide away as not to find
What form She chooses
Despite great protest from your muses

Misaligned you wander barren wood
Pacing faster than one should

What might have been if you stayed?
What card dealt will now be played?

Gibberish grows as thoughts race swift
Colliding, colluding, words sever & sift

Time becomes the ladder’s fodder
From seconds to hours, minutes solder

Strain bores like the awl
As you await for She to call

But then an eclipse appears
Through the latch you spy your dear

Heart skips a tripping crest
What beats beneath She’s chest?

Knuckles bent, nails palm-pressed
Door ajar you flinch with regret

Best case you conjure to mind
That you left something behind

Worse case though is what you fear
She unleashing pain that sears

Rushing wind twisting locks
Key staggers air with shock
She speaks…
Yet venom is not leaked
Off-guard you begin to stumble speech
Ending as she takes you to her reach

(Bonus Extended Song- Outtake)
Vows internal
You prayed to make
Words sacred
You promise to keep

Anything she wants
Anything at all
Despite objections
Her will becomes your call

With a wand of hand
And vowels slow
You obey and smile so

She’s a Jedi
She can trick the mind
She’s a Jedi
She can stop time

She’s a Jedi
She can make cloaks fall

She’s a Jedi
And She’s mine

Deep inside though
You know
The real trickster’s you


  1. ok so this is where i should apologize for the quip about the, there is some really good stuff here...i am glad you included the bonus track to the i love the star wars ref...and #4 as well is a fav...each has its own place though...i like...

  2. Lyrics? I like. I write songs as well as poems too. I find ballads in particular work as both

    Nice work

    Luke @ WordSalad

  3. Wow ton going on in this one, knew you'd hit us with an epic one after the haiku and this one sure did the trick. Star wars reference was a great touch, great discriptive story feel all the way through too, liked the gibberish line, very truthful from start to finish.

  4. Brian, ha ha yeah what's the saying, best be careful what one wishes for, lol but you guys had to know the Haiku was but a pause for me, lol Yeah the Bonus track thing was always something I looked forward to back when CD's were the thing, doesn't hold as much weight for me with digital downloads. Actually the ones I liked the best were the secret tracks, I can't remember any in particular but I remember some even had it before the first track, think Nick Cave did that on one album. Anyhow, thanks again, glad you enjoyed the write

  5. Luke, that's cool, yeah i like writing songs a lot, lots of fun. Yeah I agree, ballads are easiest to make work universally. Also, if you ever write hardcore or even metal, a lot of songs in those genres are basically poetry or even prose, and it's the way the vocalist bends and twists and uses his voice that can turn it into a song. I think my favorite thing is writing poetry that can change or flow differently depending upon the accent of the reader or way the poem is read, which can sound much different depending on the person. ANyhow, thanks and really glad you enjoyed the write

  6. Pat, yeah you knew the haiku wasn't going to become a regular part of the programming- lol although I do write a bunch of them, so you never do know where or when... Yeah thought you'd like the Star Wars reference, thanks again, glad you enjoyed it

  7. That was quite long...Probably would have bothered but it didn't...Why? CAUSE IT WAS DAMN EXCELLENT ALL THE WAY THROUGH. I very much enjoyed that. I saw the AB AB, you definitely raised the bar both in verbiage, length and genuine, wicked sick, content. Haha your poetry is becoming my midday pleasure...great job Fred.

  8. Randy, really glad you enjoyed the write. Really appreciate the feedback and the compliments, and again thanks for all the good words you speak on my behalf, really appreciate that, thanks.