Monday, April 25, 2011

A Love Poem of Easter Blessing

Every year upon this day,
I feel alive in such a way,

Resurrected from the dead,
Of night I cherish a newfound light,

Shining down, shining bright,
From Heaven’s Gate,

Illuminating the path we tread,
Opening doors and breathing life

It was this day, long ago,

When the boulder moved
Away from the structure

Where your Son was entombed

On this day, Mary came to you,

But found but rags and empty stone,
Others came and couldn’t understand

But believers knew you returned for them

Easter Sunday is not

A celebration of Chocolate, Rabbits
Jelly Beans or Candy,

It’s a genuflection for us to give,
Acknowledging all you and your Son have gave

All the love you’ve blessed all the creatures, great and small, all of them, each and all.

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