Thursday, April 14, 2011

When Collectors Come

Aggregator of souls,

Come you have to claim,
For what you feel is owed,

A pact was drawn,

Or so you say,
Between the darkness and the light,

Forego you state,
A sacrifice I had embraced,

Sealed in flame,
Etched in blood,

If I run,

Flee toward rescue,
More deadly collectors,

Will surely come,

Come now, make this quick,

Demise is worse when you dwell on it,
Is not a future delayed, yet a future still?

If you force the chains released,

The second sentinel that shall come,
Are bred in violence, without love,

All they know is what they are told,

With green light flashing for their part,

Unsympathetic their methods will be,
Corrupted tools of agony,

Shall be utilized,
Forging smiles upon glowing eyes,

Taking comfort dissecting all shreds remaining,
Every piece still intact,

The more their wishes you do fight,
Their smiles uncovered gleaming bright,

Corresponding pleasure with your fall,

It is best you yield now,

Still your soul reclaimed,
Yet in this case,

The feast shall commence
Well after all life has bled,

You are not the first,

You will not be the last,
To close the sale,

To repay the debt,

Aligned you shall be, with the rest, for eternity

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