Thursday, April 28, 2011

Gruesome & Suicide Windshield

Gruesome Growls of gregarious Grunts
Bullets Blaze Beautifully Bent

Among Accelerated Aeriality

                Deposed              Derailed

Amidst Dreams Amassed
Within snow driven to stall

Curating policy

Pilfering antagonistic strategy
Adaptability refined

Suicide Windshield
Contemplative nicks and spider-webs

Analyzing the ins and outs
The whereabouts & the, I can see what others can’t

In a lot full of many,
Parked cars, expectant mothers

Pondering the difference made
One removed from this life, this day

Perhaps a tear should shine today
Emanating for just one hour

Tomorrow all back to normal
Hollowed is the mindset

Looking for reasons, digging deep

Hoping for answers in this glazed over sleep

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