Saturday, April 16, 2011

Haikus fourfifteen

Tranquilized by love,

Paralyzed and pure.   Blinded,
From the darkened side

Sundrenched, Orchid Grove,

Flavorful scents forgotten,
Summer Sleeps No More

Constructs of the mind,

Eternal highs balanced by,
Shining Jaded eyes

Frigid companion,

Are these embers not enough?
To stoke ashen fires

There are infinite,

Requestors and consequence,
To steal from the dead (life from death)

Alternating breaths

Heavy, low, rapid from slow,
A fiery touch to the skin

Demon-Straight, Coddled

By faeries three, chafing grain,
Genetically changed

Contemplating grief

Per missive offering, we
Walked an hour-long

Species populate

A water fowl ashore
I suffer the waves

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