Wednesday, April 13, 2011

FourTwelveHaikuOffering Vol. I

A land in despair

When leaders are unaware

Of what should be done

Revolving doorways

Spinning, round and round, spinning

To places unknown

Cast out, motionless
In exile the compass groans,

Without direction

A zip-line away,
A moat challenging desire,

Until I see you

Edit. Red-ink type
Solution of the severed

Complain of white-outs

Agoo, Aga goo,
Ooh!  Aga gee, Aga goo

Babies speak to you

Florally arranged,
Scents surround and fill the air,
Orchestral Beauty

A flower blossoms,
Into Fragrant memory,
When water meets light
Solvents to Remove,
Stains in life, may not explain,
Problems Underneath

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