Thursday, April 21, 2011

Stream said Go

Beast of Burden,
Middle(r), Jagger(ed)

Boorishly croon,
Until Styx takes over with their Babe,

Big and Blue It took me back,
To those leather seats of a time aged classic ride,

I still remember its face-

DAM  IT 1974

Rabbits ran the hills for food,

Stephen King and a daggers might,
Wrenching bunnies for an Easter feast,

Possession of a first seen beast,
Pointy ears and vampiric teeth,

Draining promise from the dreams I once accrued,
….I need to stop…..I need to soon

Strawberry blondes,


Cotton Swabs for warn out waste,
Buttering the fable down my face,

I watch and stir as the spoon repeats,
Bubbling and boiling and shrinking

Everything you see to know,
All in a moment, into the flow,

A tab to the tongue,
White and rectangular(ish)

Depressing down into
A need for fluid to wash it gone

Gulp, Gulp, Swallow (look Ma no hands!)

Shallow thoughts could come of this,

But they don’t,
Vivid bright instead glimmers & glows,

A glorious canticle,
An effervescent lifting

Monkeys walk my spine no more,

And then the earth spins like music in an underground, magnificent club

Spinning swiftly but ever slow,
The worlds so Light I just don’t know,

Why I should return tomorrow,

In the mirror half I was to the place I would be at soon,

Departed pictures have left the scene,
While the smile on my face,

Chameleon with its shifting gaze,
Loving, tactile smooth,

All systems Go, All systems well below,
All systems mired in the afterglow,

A system I love and grow,
Slow, Slow, Slow Slow,

All anxiety falls to emit,

Any of the pressure that it knows,

Now the world is in full guidance,

Rails measured and so I will,
Return to the Deep Rest I need to think

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