Monday, April 18, 2011

Shadows Peak

Grey shadows purge and fall,
At shadows peak time mends

Each wound in salve,

High time at the sundry

Low tide in the galleys
Rivers puree, mix and blend

Thickening agents of pretend
Opposition great and narrow

Round pegs in the crosshairs
Of the terrible

At shadows peak collusion dries

Painted scabbing removed succinct
When darkness crosses

Our mental images pale and shrink
From sights too sinister to repeat,

Where acuity shrivels and sinks
Holes of tradition, pits of man,

Falling through flesh bound sandy, reckonings
Binding tightly, clinging grasps and knuckling white

Polarities twist and tilt,
Soon the walls collapse,

As the heart renews, it must close its eyes as one breathes,
Of the terrible.

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