Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Postcards from the Apocalypse

With Postcards upon roofs of mouths
Clichéd wisdom, herculean strong,

Talisman, Sentinels and Spirit Guides
Holding flames, lauding high

Animal valuing security, food and prowess
Instinctual desires mend and meld, a Machiavellian collision,

Despised, integrated digits of soft served spooned

Catch phrase, the mammoth ship

Setting port, departing from ruby lips
No wizard in this realm

No valley to hide and smile
Ventilated open space

Smoke free, smog-less green,
Validation of those with which you identify

Blooming wisdom in a righteous blip

Flattering mirage you seek and dream

Dwelling in the company of catatonic menageries
Igniting valor with silver wings

Bolt turned blue, decomposition of awakening
Lightning in the auburn sky

Words to live, to do then die
Collapsing on calypso trips

Relaxation for the brain and hips
Vacating does, the exhausted visitors promiscuous tricks

Awful, slipping of grand design,
Months prepared, meant to shine

Belittled because of faulty minds

Postcards upon the ridge

Tickle tremors swallowing
All the places you’ve never been

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