Thursday, April 28, 2011

It takes a certain Mindset

Rambled Visions,
Desire of voice

Fostering love without the choice,
The arch of Angels back in time

To trust the heart to move forward in line,
Painting life from twisted root

Colored rainbows ebb and flow
Announcing natural expression,

The conduit for God’s impression

With each broken tip of pen

A somber silence bears alms and sheds
Haltering force of special distance

Harboring much the sense enlightened
For in each stroke from our pen

Profoundness of image awakes from bed
Shedding dull and musty morsels dry

To cherubic waterworks up in the sky,
For each the words we do pen

Blood fuels hope in most of man
Unlocking inspiration from cavities great

Gnawing upon brittle blocks that gate,

Uncloaking possibility by the cape
It is within the poet’s core,

Enabling the fallen to travel far 

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