Monday, April 18, 2011

Lyrical composition

Why do Angry Lyrics fan the flame?
Why does repetition drive the brain?

Why is silence just the same?
Alone with thoughts, quality time you feel is lost,

Perhaps it’s your perspective that’s been tossed,
Out in the cold, starving for salvation, surfing waves of reductive behavior,

Singed by heat you didn’t know,
Could never know, not now, not here,

Why is anger so relaxing?

When every inch of you,
From smarting musculature to brittle skeletal structure,

Is filled with rage and hating every piece of you?

To reinforce your learned fears

To reestablish force of being
To logically follow the path of sentimentality we’ve long since had created,

To agree with constraints we’ve always known,

So if then, all and each of these are true,

Then why am I so infatuated with you,
When I despise the sight of you?

Why does hunger make food look great?
When it isn’t food presiding over our plates

Why do love songs hurt so much?

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