Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Milky rivers flow throughout,
Quadratic nourishment,

Sparking time’s begin,

From your teat, life sprang,

History set in motion, wells sprung in each nine land,
For all darkened days to come, a consequence of conditioning,

For all the lightened paths to tread, honest guides towards recompense,

Suckling cubes of frozen rain,

Dripping softly like does the severed vain,
Arterial spray fountains flow, sprouting forth the birth of life,

The creation of a tongue, bovine
To fertilize and cultivate, the annals of the mythological for ever more,

Salty sweet blocks of sea,

A noise within draws you near,
An attraction from syllabic first,

Pushing annals of time to make,
A desire towards quenching thirst,

Each caress, slowly sliding, gently peeling
Pieces back you take with you

Ingesting back this primary taste,
The first addict, the encapsulation does create,


Uncover me, and what shall follow,
Awaken the incubus for words to flow,

Complete the task you’ve been sent here for,

Wolf chasing sun

Wolf chasing moon,
A time closer than it was before,

Inching closer I can feel,
Thickened walls dwindling through,

So now a blurred image is shown to you,
And then you quicken pace and peel,

Away the layers surrounding me,
Unhinging the frozen gates,

Until the final shard was no more,
Revealing the first,

Of the many more to come,

you’re task is through,

All history is in debt to you,

It is saddening/ You’re song is rarely breathed

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