Monday, April 25, 2011

Debased, Crop-Dusting and The Stooge

Lines an ARTIST would produce

Creating volatile forgeries

Bastardizing, Voice and Truth

Barren Fields are long

Looping, Side to Side, Diagonal ratios drawn

South-North, Day to Night,

Willing in uncomfortable, compromised,

Precarious positions, The Dogfight is the pilots religious attrition

Flash, Flare, Flicker, Torch

Alive when clouds are under control

Alive, when atmospheric pressure combines with light

Unwanted memories,

Discarded first, then we scorch this plot of earth

Waiting at port, on duty

I’m the stupid driver, awaiting arrival
                Boss says he’s ADROIT in what he does

A trained assassin, a work of art

So I listen.  So I obey.  I know no other way,

I’m the stupid driver, my actions are mechanical

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