Saturday, June 30, 2012


In the air—
Venus, the lover
tips the scales

Justice and discernment
are dealt in time, as
greens, purples and pink
overcoat the ever present number six

“There are decisions to be made,” said the Libra, a belief, Justice keeps alive, lighting the paths they need to find inside

With an air of grace
Libran, even the unattractive kind,
have a natural beauty built within

Charming and co-operative
sociable, idealistic and brilliant
in their diplomacy, the Libran
will take part in arguments and disputes,
yet will not raise their temper or alter
demeanor due to differences in opinions
And beliefs, instead
they choose the route of
the negotiator, peacemaker,
facilitator and mediator, granting
them their trust to amicably, but
correctly still, solve any disputes
they hap upon

The fence is not a jumping point,
these people have too much dignity
to banter in such frivolity and trivial
underpinning, again, instead they take
up an ever-familiar tract of belief, in that
mediators and negotiators and all they
offer and supply, are incomparably
beneficial as seen through the Libran eye

Decisions are quite difficult for a Libran to make…they are
the type of person who will sit at a restaurant for overly
extended periods of time and still are not capable of making
A choice of entrée, often allowing the waiter or their company to
make or collaborate in the eventual choice that’s made

The Libran children are often those who stay in school for years past acceptable lengths, ever switching majors, afraid that a singular choice of commitment will wind up limiting their abilities and happiness in the future tense

This idea is seen in virtually all aspects of the Libran’s life, none more than their difficulty to find love…yet, as in other cases, once they make a choice, or have an eventually agreeable choice thrust upon them, they rarely have problems sustaining the relationship…

In love, Librans, with all things considered, rarely have difficulty attracting partners, it’s the choices they must make that hind the onset…and when committed, they are some of the most generous people one could encounter, which facilitates beautifully to the constructs of relationships.  They are incredible listeners, able to devote their every sense to their partner, a trait which can not be undersold, as it is perhaps the greatest quality in a loving and mature partnership, a major reason for why marriages and relationships go south as time flaps by…perhaps it’s out of boredom or being too familiar with another, but it’s documented how listening is the first major trait that goes awry and needs practical rebuilding, if the union hopes to stand any chance of continuance

A final aspect in regard to Libran love, is how the peaceful and non-confrontational man or woman, will in fact, when in a committed relationship where they have a strong feeling that this particular relationship is the one, or one seemingly built to last, stir up senseless arguments, provoking antagonistic behaviors, simply to test their partner and what kind of reactions are conjured, to which they then, assess said responses and move forward from that point…so, if you’re in a seemingly strong relationship with a Libra, and they start picking fights with you, smile, as the are tipping their hat, as to how important your union means to them, stay levelheaded, stay respectful and hopefully things stay the way you both desire after the confrontation has concluded

During the Libra’s cycle, some very important dates present themselves: on September 26th, we see the birthday of the perfection seeker while on the 25th, we see the birthday of complexity and then, on October 16th, we arrive at the birthday of the breakthrough…what could be better or easier to understand than that, a day, where even the Libra will have little difficulty to decide upon 


  1. Always trying to find a middle ground, pffft that is no fun I want to win at my mound hahaha never new anything about the dates either that was interesting to see.

  2. As someone on the cusp of Libra and Scorpio I don't think I'm capable of being objective on this one :). Wonderful to see more of your series after so long.

  3. A beautifully poetic astrological portrait!