Sunday, June 17, 2012

Enrapt by Lunar Glow

Caress of onyx, stroking through a
rush of veins, swirling into fevered
roars—only to succumb to the inevitable
force of a cascade’s fate—o’er rocks and
crags of stone, uncircumcised wraiths, as
always, lie in wait, upon the shorelines,
where you’ll be—exhausted, spent, alone,
together, there we’ll be, enrapt and un-yet
soured, coasting still amidst the river’s might,
a tract of wet, we’ve claimed as our own, this
stretch of dusking light—caressed and bathed
by a kind-cruel moon, as darkness, yet more,
feeds it’s bride the evening shore


  1. I love the ebb and flow of your poem!

  2. Oooh...this is very nice!

    You know, your blog is on my sidebar and it said you haven't posted in 4 weeks! I just thought you were taking a break so came over to check! And you've been posting all along! Sorry I missed your posts....another weird blogger glitch, I guess!

  3. Great mixture of all the feels and sights of nature into a contrast of the deep. As the dark starts to creep.

  4. lots of great action and movement in this as well as texture which gives it emotion as well..and def some shadow play...

  5. Rather like a trance, darkness as a wisp and wave. This reads rather dreamlike.