Tuesday, June 26, 2012


A great warrior is
fueled by fire’s song,
dancing high, quenching
the cloud and through it
shall rise, until Mars is reached,
reddening an ever crimson blister
of your planet’s ruling kiss

Red and white sear the Ram,
charging forward, Nines, on nine,
born to lead, it knows innate, to
be Emperor, a ruling body, as fate’s
prophecy, is dealt from deep
Within the Tarot’s deck

While some walk loud and
Some subtly tread o’er land’s floor,
In either case, the chance to ignore
Their path, is an impossibility to even ask

A spark that ignites the enthusiastic attributes
Of all around—leading from the front, motivating
All distances near or far—where their self-confidence
Is contagious, spreading wide and close, infecting humanity,
It’s shadows and subsequently altering the arc of ghosts

Aries show leadership through initiative
The ram knows courage, passion and independence,
Asserting, sparkling, crackling, to burn, to mold—but a few
Of the traits Aries often show

As with every coin, a darker side inflicts the surface below
Impulsive are those betrothed to this springtime sign, where
Eagerness and incorrectly assessed confidence, can, at times,
Create a powderkeg of heated minds, readily eager to explode in

…and for this reason, and perhaps many more, the Ram is quite typically considered a self-centered lot, not birthed in selfish seas, but simply put, because they believe, so strong in their own abilities, getting rapt in their own selves, they are prone to blindness when it comes to external truths, exposed and bare, yet with songs that Aries, does not choose to, yet still, is incapable at times to truly hear

Energy and zest for life are lessons the rest of us can take from any Aries we meet in life…


  1. You saying I'm blind to such things? How rude. I see all here and the energy and zest is there for sure, when not feeling like crap at my shore, selfish hmmm maybe I can be, at times, and argue with all I can do as well, isn't that swell? haha

    1. haha, nothing wrong with being a ram lol

      Although I do have to say, it is fun in how the negative aspects do seem to overwhelm all the research material I have and then there are a couple where the positive stuff dominates, but not many, a few I had to really dig into the texts to find a good mix between the two...

  2. another cool look at a zodiac sign...leaders but a dark tinge under the surface...have you already done leo at some point? roar....haha

    1. yeah, I have all but 3 done, will have post some more for tomorrow and hopefully get them all done and up by the end of the week if possible.

  3. I am born under the sign of the Ram. But in truth, I've never think of myself as being a good leader. I'm really far too introverted. I think I lack the sort of bravado that makes for good sure leaders. Powerkeg of a heated mind, that I do have! Impulsiveness and impatience does cause one to simply want to just charge through, sometimes missing things, and not able to learn the lesson until one broken something that it's unfixable.

    I do not have more to comment but I do like this very much. :)