Friday, June 29, 2012


Of twins and lovers,
and the many choices
the cards unfold
Mercury, the messenger swift
in air, bestows their children
with a life composed of variety,
painting the atmosphere in
enchanting yellows, orange and
whites…all as the number five,
consistently divines their paths
in life…

Forever on the go, moving from sight
to sight and place to place…consuming
as much knowledge as their tastes can

Famous communicators, quickly capable
to dazzle and delight, ever able to position
themselves around, within, groups of others,
where they can easily blend right in

Curious creatures the Gemini are, always
searching for reason beneath another’s
cast of star

Its men can stun in appearance and with
their tongues, impressing in every social
structure that they show…this, in spite of
rarely making their own feelings known…quickly
shifting situations, enabling the showcasing of
their intelligence and wit…such a persuasive
man the Gemini are, nearly impossible to
overcome the charms they spread, ones which
often force even the most cautious and reserved,
to succumb in delight from the attention the twins

Its women are known for their playful ways, being
fickle almost at all times, especially when the matters
of the heart fall first in line…constantly changing mood
and mind, it’s rare to find these women without a cast
of opinions that detect and direct the positions set before their very
eyes…  These twins desire love very much, yet they have a particular
Type, to which others may not do…they want to find the heart of man, one who can keep up with their ever-changing nature, thoughts that swirl and personalities that often spin…but for those special soul mates…to these special friends, the Gemini woman will never cease providing loyalty, devotion, companionship and love….and for a special gift, they give and give, providing unyielding hopes and dreams that together the pair can then spend a lifetime attaining, forever entwined as one being, searching and achieving all the mysteries of this thing called love…


  1. I had to read this one, as a Gemini of course :)
    You've been peeking into my mind somehow, right? Uncanny! Fickle - I like that word (I would) Really accurate but don't know how you manage these.

  2. Well can't say I've had a ton of experience with this group, but I have known plenty of fickle women in my time, so maybe they were Gemini and I just didn't know it, or maybe they were just being umm women lol