Saturday, June 30, 2012


The Hermit is composed with inner strength.
Yellow, green and brown shade coloring
Earth is the element at hand
While Mercury, the great communicator again
Rules the Virgin’s planetary alignment
Five, a precious number for a group that’s
Almost always believing in “busy is better than bored.”

Hard-working and considerate, are typical attributes of a Virgo, but their greatest is their uncanny ability to get to the bottom or root of problems, finding the missing link or whatever is necessary to eventually resolving whatever the matter of hand that needs solving is.

Their affection for detail can be seen throughout every part of their lives—
From their relationships to working lives, often overly orderly,
Really into aesthetics and décor…

The Virgo’s love knowledge and because of their need for details, often seek out the answers to many of the things they come across in life, whether it’s relative to their own situation or not…it becomes a healthy addiction, yet, even so, it can get out of hand, growing to an all-consuming endeavor, hindering who they are in the process…

The Virgo is typically a multi-talented person, again drawing upon their ability to find resolution and to seek out processes and detailed information, which once learned, it only makes sense, that new talents may spring forth

Losing sight of the bigger picture, being overly talkative, and not realizing they’ve lost their audience are some of the larger negatives this group often shows…

But their darkest problem resides in their ability to consume information and to excel at problem solving…because of these positive attributes, the Virgo can be seen as a person that is very critical of others, who simply cannot keep up or are lacking in their understanding of ideas that come easily to the Virgo themselves…they can then move to a state of nagging, trying to make everyone into their ideal image, one that’s based, most often, on an impossibly attainable high standard….They don’t consciously attempt to act in such mannerisms, yet it too often turns out as such, which is due to something that rests deep within their darkest fears…they work so hard at learning, solving, finishing and managing details and problems, it is a thought, that they do this because they are filled with a terror inside, one that makes them feel as if they constantly has to prove themselves, again and again and again, for they truly believe, they are simply not good enough, are not worth the salt they earn and in such a problem, it is likely that other problems then stem from the like.

This lack of confidence is the Virgo’s biggest obstacle to overcome, when searching for love—
A love, that for many Virgos, can not be found—
         In those cases where love is found, it is prone to crumble, as partners, for the most part, do not take consistent nagging and criticism well, when it is delivered consistently over extended periods of time—the intent eventually becomes irrelevant and the relationships grow to a doomed state….
         The successful Virgos in love, are committed, dedicated individuals that treat love as another problem they must overcome…and quite frequently, perhaps as a result of such an attitude, these Virgos seem to make a concerted effort at learning to love and appreciate themselves, which of course, has overwhelming powerful qualities built within.  And therefore, even more so than their partners, they become their own greatest obstacle to overcome, as without addressing the problem alive in their persons, they have no hope of success…

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  1. Detailed and a hermit, I know many of those and in the winter time that works for me too, stupid snow is such a pain that a hermit is all I want to be. But no hope for success really sucks too, glad I'm not one of those.