Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Secret Life of The Gomorrean Teenager

Over at D'Verse, Anna hosted Poetics last evening.  Unfortunately I couldn't make it to the party last night, but I couldn't miss out on such a worditious affair.  Stop on over, read the wonderful pieces linked up, and while you're there, join on in the fun.

Being a teenage boy,
is difficult in and of itself—
being a bit on the
mawkish side, certainly
didn’t help matters much
         and so…enter
those cruel, terribly cruel
children, that would incessantly
stir upon his sentimentality, urging him,
into what they determined, all
by themselves that is, that

were and still are, the mark of an effeminate
Ellen, and regardless of what could
be said, nothing would be convincing,
short of the quite exhaustive manage
a octuor, performed upon the forty-five
yardline, in front of a capacity crowd,
just moments before the homecoming
would commence —

With the ripeness of fireworks
still emancipating the testosteronic air-
waves of hungry adolescents, only
seeking for any sign, that
the apocalypse is assuredly
close at hand—
and even then, not everyone
would be convinced

                                    Coming from a very traditional Reich of a family, particularly among the male members of the lineage, any break
from how things are, have been, is inexcusable, motive or reasoning aside, for they simply don’t matter much, as in their eyes, all such derivations from tradition, are nothing more than that of a stain, one that will forever taint the forward progression of kindred history…yet

Something must be changed, an alteration of some sorts needed to occur, and despite being the latest descendant in a long and storied line of dicks, it just made sense to have a go at simply being rich

Not that this would help much, but it
was a beginning, and it was either that
or giving in to all the social perceptions
upon his person, regardless how incorrect
they were…
And so, the next day,
after the one that just concluded,
not including the weekend crammed in-between,
he walked to school, head held-up, and those steps,
concrete under feet, brimming
with newfound confidence and self-referential charm

And this time, he felt the gasp of power, pulsing, throbbing
through his engorged veins, straining but only momentarily,
and ass those old wooden doors were swinging wide, his nemesis no longer had control, and the widest grin, glowed an aura he’d never known, as each his rubbered sole, placed their footholds
up on into the warmth within

People would treat him differently now, this he knew and understood
better than anything he ever knew before…

Mawkish comes from the Norse
word Mathkr, which conveniently
translates to maggot in the
English tongue—
which, of course, his knowledge of such
trivia, probably does’nt entirely advance the
matters much; to which, perhaps, just probably,
perhaps, the cockiness exuding through him then
and there, was all a little bit premature 


  1. 'testosteronic air' made the feeling of teen boys palpable. An excellent example of a word that should exist but doesn't. High school seems to be a crucible and if you are anything other than 'cool' by some shifting, baseless, cruel definition it becomes a crucifixion of sorts. I had empathy for the speaker and appreciated that his knowledge of language added to his difficulty fitting in. Great work, thanks for joining the prompt!

  2. Oh yes, Fred, teenagers definitely can be cruel and many will take advantage of any perceived difference. Glad to see that at the end of the poem he gained his confidence and held his head up high, no more giving his nemesis any sort of control! Hurrah for that!

  3. it was the part about the traditional reich of a family that got me...such weighty expectations in there...and the hope to change it can be tough having to go against everyone and everything...then of course you got school too...nice star wars ref in the title too..s.miles.

  4. Yeah many things can come into play that makes them think life is at an end and such a growing trend. Sad state of affairs I suppose, but that is how life goes, shouldn't be yet it is at most every sea, and sometimes we just have to push back and know that there will be an end to such flack.

  5. I learned from a young age that children have a tendency to pick on those they think are weak. Bullying is inherent in children in the absence of adult guidance. I used to be picked on, labelled, then one day i started acting silly, just daring, it puzzled them at first but it got them off my back. Just kinda just acting tough. Still not totally accepted, nor fitted in, but it was one way to deal with it.

    The poem also reminds me of a kid I used to know, a dear friend. He's not a kid anymore and is doing quite well now. Something about the character portrayed here has similarities to him. Sentimentality.

    Appreciated this poem. I'm not sure if I got the Gomorrah reference but it's stirred up some thoughts.

    1. Excellent response. Thanks. The Gomorrah reference has to do with how that was an area composed of extreme vice and depravity, and in this piece, the children and family acts in a similar manner, forcing, perhaps this character to become something similar, but that part is left for the most part open ended. And as another connection, throughout this poem, there are numerous double entendre's in here, all of which refer to sexuality, intercourse and anatomy. Thanks again

  6. was reading it yesterday already but too tired to comment...i like how you capture him for us to see...wasn't quite sure if his new found self security was good or bad...first thought it was good and then i wasn't sure any more when reading the last stanza.. anyway... it's not easy time going through adolescence and you captured that well..

  7. "testosteronic" that definitely should be a word!

  8. I'm glad he gained the confidence needed. I like how this shows the see-saw of emotions in adolescence.

  9. this is my favorite part -> With the ripeness of fireworks
    still emancipating the testosteronic air- it's so masculine and sexual

    bonus track