Saturday, June 2, 2012

My Super Weakness

So, I thought I'd give rap a try. In which I've learned a few things: 

A.) It's so much harder than I ever gave rappers credit for. Really, it is.     I had to record it at least ten times, to get it to how it sounds here.  And trying to get the allusions right, and to use the right rhymes that fit to the pace you want.  Very difficult.

B.) It's kind of a rush though, trying to keep pace with the rhyme in the piece and the natural rhyme created by the voice, that you hadn't counted on being there, if that makes any sense  

C.) And finally, by posting this, I now know, that I'm truly unconcerned with embarrassment lol..

And here I was earlier today, thinking how easy it would be, hoping that I sounded somewhat like the Streets, without the accent of course haha.  Which, as a side note, I had the inspiration for this when somehow The Streets "The Hardest Way To Make An Easy Living," happened to sneak past the thousand or so metal songs and get a chance to play their song for me. 

Just wanted to do this, so I thought I'd post it now, but still planning on checking out what the Saturday prompt over at D'Verse has in store.  So, I hope, when all's said and done, I hope I haven't set rap music back 20 years by doing this piece, lol.

                From the sands
To the stars
                  Mind tricking teens in grown-up bars

In this land
         You might be blind
But where I’m sitting you’ll do just fine

         You might not know
Yet I’m sure you do
          I’ll always be a son to you

I’m Indiana
         In a pit of snakes
I’m a cold breeze
         Atop an arctic lake

I’m the hand that’s always stretched out
         I’m that feeling of creeping doubt
The first foot forward out the door
         I’m that which you must explore

I’m Clark Kent; yes, this is real
         I’m not just super, I’m surreal
I’ve got a heart that’s filled with blame
      Beat, beat, beating out all the shame
I’m the man of steel, but this I’m sure you think you know
         Yet I lied, I’m really Bizarro
There’s no chance
to heal this pain
it’s sealed tight up into my veins

But when all is said, it will be done,
It’ll come to pass, like a Calvin Johnson TD catch
And what it is, is only what you learned
What you gave, not what you earned 
Like Bryan Adams one-time said,
Everything I do (I do it for you),
I stop, stare, and shake my head,
and see you standing strong
but unlike that song
 you’re not real
yet in my heart you’re all I’ll ever feel

but it’s just a line
So I ask you now, as to which is worse?
Loving the rhythm but hating the rhyme,
Or loving the chorus and hating the verse
Either way
It’s probably moot
Comes down to the venue….comes down to it’s root
And as for refrain, I here now disclaim
It’s better to love than it is to hate
It’s better to love with the pain, than to die in vain
It’s better to love with the blame, than to die in shame


  1. LMAO I say you are very unconcerned with embarrasment what so ever, but it was done great anyway, yeah it is hard indeed to get the words right and such sometimes but it helps to have a rhyming cat to fall back on haha and get all lovey as well, as you rang the rap bell.

  2. ha, you did well def takes some work to get the 4/2 beat going and changing up you pace on long lines to still meet the works well as a spoken word piece...nice refs through out as well..

  3. ha nice..rapping is not as easy as it sounds...tried myself already...with a background beat, it's a bit easier..but you did well..

  4. nice... im sure ure gonna inspire a bunch of guys to try this one... :)

    i have a sad voice so, i probably wont try this! :P

  5. I HATE SNAKES!!!! - hey fred, refreshing to hear something new... not sure you nailed 'The Streets' but you were at a disadvantage there... but 'Your Fit and You Know It' lol... i'm a big hip hop/rap fan and realise how tough it is given ive had a bash many a time... imho, for a 1st time effort, this is pretty good fred and i do know that making it look easy is half the trick... these guys work hard at what they do but it appears effortless and comfortable... i admire the fact you went for it! - nowt to be embarrassed about!

    cheers fred