Monday, June 25, 2012


Intuition becomes the moon
as dos peces uncover hidden
depths the sevens hide

Agua, el elemento de Jupiter y Neptuno, el
filosofo, el especulador de las profundidades
por debajo de

Emotion, creativity and imagination
join the concerns of intuition, spawning
a dreamer, romantic and spiritual, adaptive
to their surrounds

Yet generosity creeps in to a fault,
and self-confidence becomes the lacking
crime, as many tides can pass, before the
Piscean finds themselves, from this anesthetic
crutch they have been fading towards

A sensitivity to their encompassed's moods,
of all near or close, easily this dreamer, as
open as they can only be, often emulate the
problems of those they so entreat and sound

And in so being, last of the Sun and last of the
Sea, this personality, in summation, it can be
said, in the Pisces, rests the scales of
everywoman and everyman


  1. I forgot all about these as it has been a while since you spun one of them. Really informative once more capturing the sign and it is the sign of the cat and the one before Pat haha. Know a lot more about the signs now too, as Blabber gave Pat a big run down about them, interesting to look at in verse as well.

    1. Yeah, forgot about them too hahaha Was only reminded when I was listening to some guy on the radio talking about his horoscope and it chimed and so I went with it. Hopefully I'll be able to get all the other one's left to do this week sometime. Thanks, signs are fun, as they are like fortune cookies, yet offering up some thoughts of astrological run

  2. Killer closing lines! And, I love "depths the sevens hide."

  3. nice...i might have a bit of pisces in me...i am rather high in empathy...and i think the potential does reside in all of us for that...smiles.

  4. I enjoyed your poem, but wondered why the brief language changes. :)

    1. Thanks, I added the bit of Spanish in here just to change things up a bit, something a little different. I used to do things like this, using a variety of lines in different languages, randomly throughout different poems, but haven't done in quite some time, the idea popped in my head while I was writing this one, so i went with it. Thanks again