Friday, June 29, 2012


“When it’s safe, I’ll come out of my shell”
Indigoes, whites and smoky greys
Paint the Cancer’s hue displayed

Two is the number that defines
The relationship of the crab
To water and moon

As cards face the mystic dealer,
A Chariot of resiliency is here
Then found

Cancerians are emotional, intuitive and sympathetic,
They also tend to be imaginative, loving
And motivated by the pursuit of happiness in life, as
Happy people are better to be around, light up the soul with
An incredible light, and are more productive in every composite
Avenue that comprises the very essence of a synergistic happy-life

This group is extremely compassionate, and nurturing
By nature, caring for the care alone, to make others feel as
If they are loved and that they should always feel as if they were at ease, living as one does when comfortably a-rest at home

Cancerians love to laugh, and it’s infectious sound elates a room, distinctive, welcoming, ever hoping to paint the atmosphere, with a cheer that spawns the laughter of many others more

The Crab’s take a lot of weight, they kind only Atlas can truly bear.  They may feel as if it’s their sole responsibility to overextend themselves, to love and spread their love to all, everywhere…but when a mission goes awry, they can get moody and misunderstanding of the situation at hand…they may feel jilted as if their efforts are taken for granted, and arguments can thus appear, and in so doing the antithesis become of the scene they initially strove for, creating a cycle of decline that only repeats this moodiness of despair

Cancerians can often take the martyred approach, only living for others, sacrificing all they have and more…and while admirable in many lights, this lifestyle can be very taxing upon the crab themselves…for only living to help others, oftentimes, in most cases, the one that gets ignored, winds up being their own selves

With a tough outer shell, in spite of their personalities and deep-seeded propensity to help and care for others, unfortunately a world that is preprogrammed to heed first impressions and to live and choose attraction towards those things that are aesthetically pleasing, the Cancer is overlooked, and prejudiced against before they ever have a chance to share their gifts with the individual.

If you are a supreme worrier, you may have Cancerian roots deep in your makeup, for this group comprise the chief worriers of the zodiac, “never happy unless their worrying about something.”  This appearance is logical when considering what they are shooting for in life, as caring and worrying are intrinsically connected and in so doing, that part of the personality these traits do share….yet, too much worry, can lead to the negative cycle too, so what is a crab to do, a question that can make the cancerian to worry even more

The notion of Home, is of supreme importance to this group.  Home is not simply a place where one lives, but is the house that holds all that you are.  Therefore, any disruption to this sense of home, can easily create a rift of emotional distress, until the sacredness of home is once again restored

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  1. Not sure I've ever encountered these ones either. As too much damn distress would annoy the heck out of me and then I'd get distressed over that and surely remember. And sacrificing everything, can sometimes work, but prob not such a perk.