Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Stars, Sky and Moon

In twists
the sides
come down

In bends
the walls

Unceasing wakes
we now know,
most perilously
lie below

The cabin
so far up the sky,
from here, its walls
appear to have been designed,
developed, directly from the divinity of clouds

While the night surely didn’t need,
another mouth to feed,
the stars obliged tradition
and thus greeted
their new neighbor well,
providing baskets
of well-wishing upon
the downiest of blanketing love

Sprawled about, atop
world wood freshly stained,
the neighbor shook
each their pointed palms,

Smiling in appreciation
impressed by each
their sincere glow

Yet deep within,
the neighbor softly spoke,
in that most cynical of tones;
the kind reserved for
those frustrated times alone,

And in that moment,
amidst the stars,
he wondered,
the sun
and moon
to remain
at home


  1. A choice that is to each their own, as many wonder and give a groan, but a lot of the time it is what's for the best and sometimes they just don't know any better to umm dumb to pass the test..haha

  2. what an interesting tale is rather life a twisted fairy tale with the magical imagery of the celestial neighbors visiting...and be glad of the one and not the ones left in the least there is one good one...smiles.

  3. Mystical tale of a mysterious world, where attitudes have additives just like our world down here.
    I felt myself sliding through space with an eloquent guide.