Friday, June 29, 2012


One is the loneliest number...but in it, the Sun shines upon the individual, providing the strength and passion of lion and it’s mighty roar…

Yellow and Orange, Fire and Sun
Shining strong, living every life
To it’s fullest moment

Thus the tale of Leo’s begun:

Bringers of life, energetic and attaching
Buzz to every place they go, in everything
They do

With results like this, often stirring early
In one’s developmental years, a comedian
Can become the Leo, creating someone
Other’s don’t respect in the manner that the Lion
Deserves, or even more likely, a jokester is the
Only way they are seen…a disappointment for the
King of beasts

They like to be the centers of attention, often
Creating scenes to do just that…rarely ever do they
Act in a selfish manner, but instead, believe that by
Being the hub of activity, they are able to spread their
Joy to the most, at each and every moment…an idea that
Can spawn false associations and even severe implications on

But the lion never gets down, and virtually never will you find
A Leo with a sadsack gloom built upon it’s face….

Leo’s are: 
                  creative and brave,
energetic and enthusiastic,
                           Generous and unusually resourceful,
Positive and Upbeat,
         Far-sighted and efficient,
                  Able to consistently work toward bright futures and to
Overcome the steepest of obstacles in their paths

Yet, despite the positivity atop the Leo’s face
         Bossiness and ego-driven demeanors, in some cases can
Infiltrate this Lion’s cage…

Prideful and boasting, traits that mask a surprisingly found low self-opinion, where a lack of confidence is desperately craving attention and praise—praise where the truth behind the words matter not, as an ego pat can be what the Leo is looking for, to which they can devour such compliments all too fast, thus ever demanding such prideful praise…attached to this negative attribute, they can get very defensive if someone calls them out on something that they said or did…most people don’t do this though, as their intentions are almost always seen in a positive manner and most folks don’t like to damper good intentions with the pettiness involved in correction…yet some do just this, and the Lion can gain his roar in such cases, as it really doesn’t appreciate being opposed, and being so sensitive to criticism, they can, after the spat, lose their ability, albeit typically briefly, to light up a room, and instead, spend some time coalescing from their damaged ego, in a state all too low….another of the cases where feeling then perpetuate feelings and a vicious cycle, if allowed to spin and spin, can detrimentally grow…into the Leo most of us never know…

Leos, In love, can appear in a variety of types…you have the one-side, love to be praised and hear yourself talk type…then there are those seemingly only attracted to the kind of mates that are wrong, bad or evil, a failed experiment from the get-go, yet some, especially the younger Leo’s, too often fall upon such bad habits and only until they get burnt several times, do they ever grow out of this affinity for such negative relations.

Almost all Leo’s prefer their partners to be quieter than themselves…they like to be the one in charge of a relationship and the decisions couples must make, from the simple choices to the most difficult challenges, they like, and often need, to be the one in control.  There’s always a loving and playful side to the Lion, and in addition, they are completely susceptible to flattery, seduction, charms and sex…Good wine can set their mood, loyalty is key, yet they do typically have the tendencies to guide their hearts in idealistic means, a detriment or so it does certainly seem. 


  1. ha..this is very cool...intriguing start and first didn't realize you go into direction zodiac with this..very nicely done sir

  2. Yeah seen these ones near and far as many abound around by bar. They like to be the head of the group and all nicey nice until something throws them for a loop but then they settle down rather fast and once more let themselve be first not last.

  3. well now...a little scary as i look into the mirror you have put up to me in this...smiles...a few things (ok quite a few) do ring familiar...smiles...

    i have some mad catch up to do on your zodiac pieces man...not having net or power has def killed me....