Thursday, June 14, 2012

Preamble to Extinction

Flash flood apocalypse
Obliterating ground
Celestial distances the
Smudging of stars

A storm emblazes the rough terrain
Shadows distancing across the oceanic plane
Transform, we do, into an
Reflection, of species
Stripping of all that’s precious,
Killing off—
Saving traits

As we move
Progressively farther
Out, away from
Unit with God…
Terminable, the lot we are…

Well, a day late and a dollar short, but took me a couple look throughs to fully digest the magnitude and power contained within the trailer for Zeitgeist over at the New World Creative Union.  This week Natasha's asked us to watch the trailer, then reflect upon it, as we are able.  Head on over to the Wednesday Wake Up, take a look at what reactions the other's felt and share yours as well.


  1. We can't beat it either way, one day extinct is what all will be we see and talk to each and every day. Closer to God or the other guy we will become unless we get caught in limbo for being so glum.

  2. progressively farther away from god...yes we are..stripped of all that is precious...lots of hard truth in this one fred...

  3. You've nicely captured the essence of what is on the horizon Fred. According to the ancients this is not the first time for us to go through this process of, "Flash flood apocalypse
    Obliterating ground..." We are in the Kali Yuga, the Age of Iron, which precedes the Katya Yuga, or Age of Gold. It is an ending and a beginning...

    Enjoyed it very much Fred!

    Roger ☺

  4. progressively farther away from god... yes the more we have evolved we moved further away from the source -stripped of all that is precious - wonderfully powered Fred - Lib

  5. Fred...I just finished at Susie's and now this...I have to tell you the hope you guys give me each and every week...I would devote my life to sharing your works if I was able. I love the angle you took with are we able to connect with source when we are consistently battling dogma of the walking dead 24/ many questions to ponder as a result of the read, and ponder long I will. Thank you, always...for being YOU!

  6. We have sat looking at this horizon before, but have failed to learn...You have done well with hitting us with truth!

  7. seems I am a day late int he commenting department as well. good stuff here Fred, powerful verse