Saturday, June 9, 2012

Herein Rests, A Possible Connection Between Angels and the Dreams of Common Men

I.  The Dreamer with Starry Eyes

A summation
revealed an
ending I had
not recalled
at the time

A revelation
unspooled, like
yarn snagged
upon the kitten's

A feeling of predestination
fortunately glazed the patterns
of memory

haunting the answers we learn to know so well,
yet never truly take the time to understand,
what exactly, are the questions entwined within
their spells

An epiphany
jolted upon the senses
where thought glances
in every direction; concurrently
parading our sentimentalities
in simultaneous reverie, upon
a freshly sculpted

composed entirely out of stardust,
moonbeams and an unyielding belief

the kind exemplified by Fool,
Devotee and Plebian alike

and in such moments of divining grace,
peasants morph to seers,
Antiquity into youth

where all elements of degradation helix in mounting seduction, proffering the dusted, decrepit and entirely forgotten, splaying each, together, as one, unto a blindness birthed by faith's love

II. A Unity Of Angels

A unity is then forged
between absolution
and the opening of previously concealed
possibilities; a road such paved, in all
that glitters yet never rusts, where truths be
told and questioned high, yet never do the vagrancies
once again appear, cinched together through a tactility of trust

and here, tiers forever more be known
for through the phantasmic visage of apparition,
the hierarchy of Angels are lucidly shown

Unveiling the disposition of the three triads,
where each consist of choirs three

Angels to Archangels to Principalities
compose the Choirs of the lowest triad of the three

Powers, Virtues and Dominions
are the Choirs alive within the middle set

Thrones, Cherubim and Seraphim,
whose Choirs round out the Triad's set of three


Here are where the Angels of nature are joined
by the Messengers and Guardians


are said to be, comprised of entirely
by the Angels of Fire and the Rulers too


The Angels of Time and those of Personality
work towards reform, protecting all the while


Of Form and Space
Historians and organizers
Keeping families, friends and a sense of home
safe from the evils that man is said to know


Angels of Movement, Angels of Choice,
these are the Miracles that give guidance to and for
the Spirits of the Earth, Wind, Water and Fire  


Of Wisdom and Intuition,
these divinely lead and keep the order of the law


Angels of Justice and will, many-eyed
collectors that create and give positive energy
as so relationships can thus be built


These Angels of Harmony and Wisdom
guard the stars and the light as they
provide knowledge and boundless love


These, the highest of the orders, God's special
servants, six-wings, four heads, fiery serpents
and Angels of Love, Light and Fire, keep guard
the gates, providing divinity it's protection from
all the negativity that man creates.  Beings of
pure light, ever-shining in such a brilliance bright,
make it nearly impossible, for man to ever truly
glance this groups Angelic sight

Together, these nine, provide
functions for God as well as to and for man,
kindly offering where they can, interferring at
times, if only to help thwart nefarious plans, keeping
safe both the dreamer, the commoner and those men
in desparation, along with the divinity that has created
each us all, be it Angel or Mortal, they keep safe all o'er
the Earth, Offering those with stardust trapped within their
eyes, the immaculate truth's that Heaven has, for them, decided
to unveil for them to espy.


  1. Supernatural is really getting to you I'd say hahaha Not sure I trust them so much, the fluffy winged ones from the kiddie movies and such maybe, but those other ones seem to be kind of rough, so we don't want to mess with them.

  2. Quiet a piece of work. Feels a lot of thinking went into this, and a lot of wisdom from life experience. Openly spiritual piece, which I appreciate. There isn't enough around really. Great work