Thursday, June 28, 2012


“A soul can only be pushed so far, before the steam whistles past the ringed loop”

“When such hour comes to pass, a wake of indiscriminant savagery, shall wreak destruction to any and all, so very unfortunate to be standing in such a place, at such a time, when devastation devours all in reach”

“Torment is a ritual, unbeknownst to the craven oppressor…”

“Time is but a vessel to contain the red…from temper’s flash and subsiding the inevitable implosions…thus far suppressed in wait”

Two sides to passion’s coin…where embrace means everything and sensuality is not but a state, but a creed

To thrive courtship with such beasts…stamina must be engaged, trust built organically, from passing glance to unyielding harmony…the security of all emotions self-contained, is as vital as the life-force thrusting from heart through vein…

Dare not the cuckold make a Taurean mate…lest jealousy’s flames should thus engage, blistering a possessiveness the likes mere mortals rarely dream…

Yet, such a devoted soul the bull doth be…alive, yet scared beneath it’s chiseled shell…loyal to their partnership, to a fault, as such passions, if not tended close, complacency can ferment, into an overwhelming backdraft of desire, covet their partner by eternal seams,

complete and whole, from flesh to soul, mind and it’s every thought—
the most entrancing and becoming passion to achieve, if not gardened with care, kindness, affection and devotion, all can subvert into a thrum of non-stifling satiation of the heart’s wild-fire raging caress…

Venus rules the lover’s soul,
Through planetary traction,
Every element is drawn towards
Earthbound control

The Hierophant, in Greens, Pinks and Palest blues,
Bull-rushes springtime rituals, with a hexagonal
Determination that undercuts the conscious flow…and the words oft spoken, “I have what I need,” is somehow forgotten when the beast within, escapes the maze deep within the human soul…


  1. nice....i like your allusions to the minotaur of the maze as well...and interesting sign the taurus...where did you pull your quotes from?

  2. Not sure I trust those Taurus people, they are very crazy in their maze, and I'm not very harmonious and such, so they may try and ram me with their horns, but you don't mess with the god of war hahaha