Saturday, January 12, 2013

The Whippet

A whippet ran past me along the boardwalk.
I never saw one outside of those shows where
they prance about so unnaturally.

I chased it down, as far as I could,
but the slope was steep and
the walk had stopped, at the point
where once the water stood

Fresh and blue,
I choose to remember things
as they were

Yet for that dog,
it moved so fast,
my only memory
continues as a blur


  1. ...poor li'l a sad trembling incident...ah...

  2. there is def a sadness in this to me...the awe at seeing one outside a show but..this is almost a ghost to me...

  3. Great poem. Whippets are the most beautiful of dogs.

  4. Had to look that pup up, but yeah I aw one a time or two, they do tend to be timid and go go go