Monday, January 21, 2013

Into The Dark Beyond

As daylight fades into a darkened eve
Time drifts aimlessly—in search of recovery

Distinct varieties of transients and ne’er-do-wells approach, commingling about—a myriad of deceptions adroitly portrayed

Fall into the arms of fireflies
Above horizon’s lit
The variance in the stars
As sapphires glimmer among the endless seas
Unveil the minions of tragedy kept
A skyline of sundrenched scars
                                         Eyes, once alive, quietly weep

As hours mask what lies beyond, take
Comfort in the sheltering caress of the dawn to come

The rogue’s gallery cannot see you.  Alleviate your fears. You are safe, for there are plenty of those without.

To occupy their gaze is an emanation from within.  The vibrancy of guilt is hereditary and you feel it must be claimed.

You cannot escape yourself. You choose not to. You feel safe amongst a violent sky, despite disgrace consuming whole. 

You kneel atop the moistened earth, hands clasped, eyes aimed high, wondering why you must be such a case.

Yet, after prayers complete, I spy you from my pane, as you live amongst the dark beyond, and crave the night the same.

Soon thereafter I do too.


  1. you can not escape yourself, you choose not often is that the case....the rather ominous close as well realizing you will be as well...

  2. The way we go and to each their flow, can be an interesting endeavor, but we must pull the lever. Or risk growing stale, stuck in a spot to rot with no bail.

  3. Nicely read! I hated doing my poem recently to video. Prefer just audio. You do it some justice. Third stanza is v strong. Love the falling into the arms of fireflies line.