Monday, January 14, 2013

Heaven Used To Be Her Playground

How can I compare?
When you’re used to the eyes in a Deity’s stare

How can I exist?
         When you’re used to the kiss from a God’s lips

How can I begin?
         When you’re used to the words of cherubim

How can I believe?
         When you’re used to the promise of eternity

How can I sate?
         When you’re used to ambrosia on your plate

How can I trust?
         When the Gods could not satisfy your lust

Heaven was your playground
         On cirrus fields you’d chase
Heaven was your playground
         In lakes of mead you’d bathe
There wasn’t pain; there wasn’t shame
There was always light; it was never night
         Whereas here, it cannot be said the same,
                                    It cannot be said the same


  1. comparison only leads to pain....the feelings of inadequacy though come through and are palpable...i wonder thoguh if its all in our head though and only a matter of perspective...

  2. More to one as the pedestal is urely built up, but that also leaves a long way to fall as well. Liked to use of the mythical type words too.

  3. Feels sad to declare oneself 'out of someone's league'/the pedestal complex, but it's written into the Human Condition and you explicate it well here.

  4. Good rhymes. I imagine one thinking these thoughts to himself as he watches a heavenly being. It almost feels like something's about happen to the one addressed in the final stanza, that will cause a lost of innocence. The ending with the two same line interestingly seems to emphasize the point they are making.

  5. A very interesting creative take on a love poem. And yet the object of lve has a slightly sinister side too--with the lack of trustworthiness. The poem gives a very vivid psychological picture of a relationship. K.