Monday, January 21, 2013

In Between The End and The Beginning

I’m not old enough to be distinguished
Not young enough to be considered cool
I’m left miring through the middle
Of elation and maturity
Oh how this life is cruel, so, so cruel

Stuck here in the center,
In between the end and
The beginning,
Still in a state of unknowing
As to when originates the dream

Where do these pathways lead?
Tell me—where do they lead?

The struggles are never ending
Nothings just quite as it seems
The struggles are never ending
You can see this in my eyes
The struggles are never ending
At first I didn’t believe you
     But now I realize, now I realize


  1. Fred, truly in the middle is not a bad place to be! In between youthful naivety and elder wisdom is are THERE!

  2. Yeah no matter the age on the struggles will rage. There will always be something new, all we can do is ourbest to get through them at our zoo.