Sunday, January 6, 2013

A Prayer for Inner Peace

Hopefully everyone has had a very peaceful New Years so far.  And on that note, Mary is tending to tonights Poetics over at D'Verse, where she's discussing just that, Peace.  Please do stop by, read her wonderful article and check out what the other poets have shared.  

And while you're there, may you be filled with both inner and outer peace.  May you find yourself a sanctuary, a respite, from all that ails.   Reflect upon all the things that make you whole and bring you calm, delivering you to your center and all the peace it therein spawns.  

Then, as you stay basking in your blissful glow, if the inspiration finds you there, inhale, take it in and let it grow and grow.  And if you so choose, please do share, for the peace you find, may it find others as well.

I can't tell you how nice it was to find this topic today.  I've been kind of in a certain mode all day, where but only for an hour or so did I make my way beyond the confines of my bedroom walls, only to let the dogs outside and for a few other times of necessity. 

While this hibernation of sorts was certainly a consequence of a massive wave of exhaustion, and while the plethora of sleep it spurred was dearly needed, there's a sense of lost time, wasting the day and sorts that comes with it.  

So, for the past short while now I've been awake.  With the waking grogginess still fresh, I had felt a bit down that I did indeed accomplish nothing whatsoever today.  But, with opening up D'verse tonight changed that mindset simply by seeing the word peace.  

That word, and all it can encompass, instantly brought a reality forth.  Briefly, for the past 20 hours or so, I've been disconnected from everything: light, sound, television, internet, radio, books and magazines.  I only had a very brief conversation with my family earlier in the day. And while I did have my dogs with me for most of the sleeping hours, I was truly apart and away from everything.  

It matters not that it was not by my own choosing either.  This getting away, while revitalizing the body with the rest needed, also, now that I can truly reflect upon it, also provided the mind a sorely needed revitalization of it's own kind.

So, I didn't really have anything prepared to write for this theme tonight, I thought I'd share this story, as it obviously relates, but, seeing this is poetics I thought I'd put a short poem together as well.  

Please, please, please
Let me close my eyes

Please, I beg, please
Let me awaken to

A peaceful serenade,
A Shangri-La, in gentle sway
to fall into

Please, please, please
Bring me love and bring me peace

then, I'll pray, then I'll pray
that I’ll know its face when you do
on that day, and I’ll reciprocate unto

Never letting go, never letting go
Always, forever, always and forever

Having something to hold on to
Embraced always, always embraced

Forever—a warmth, a warmth revealed, 
a smile sealed, embraced and healed,
embraced and healed


  1. ...the refraining lines give me a feel of singing this like a round song of peace... your sincerity and intentions are quite defined within those li'l verses and i can feel it like a tangible thing or a drink i'd like to sip with closed eyes... Creating peace within the inner self and letting it grow and grow and grow into pieces then have it multilply from people to people and so on and on... Excellent offering...smiles...and peace to you...

  2. embraced and healed, embraced and healed...this resonates wide...finding that inner peace can be tough at times when the world's so restless around us..wishing you that peaceful serenade to start the new year with fred

  3. sometimes even when it is not our choice we are given what we need...sometimes it seems life just know that...smiles...glad you got your peace fred....

  4. Hi Fred....I am glad that the topic of 'peace' was just what you needed today; and I hope your reflections and your poem helped put you into a peaceful place.

    I do think that you may have expressed the dream of many -- to awaken to a peaceful serenade of love and peace and something to hold on to.Nice.

    Ha, on another note, you are like me with your dogs. I took a brief nap yesterday, which I usually do NOT do, and was accompanied by two out of my three dogs as well...they definitely are good teachers of relaxation. As I write NOW, they are on my lap; but damn, I want another cup of coffee. How do I do that?

  5. I think its good to be disconnected for a time and reflect on our blessings ~ I enjoy the warmth and blessings sealed and healed ~

    Have a good week ~

  6. I’m not a religious person, but I enjoy the rhythm of prayers and I enjoyed this one. I could repeat it a few times and perhaps feel some peace

  7. I loved this part especially:

    "Having something to hold on to
    Embraced always, always embraced


    Right there is peace....

  8. just shutting off the world is something that all of us should do once in a while, it provides a good break and gives us some perspective, just as you proved indeed.

  9. Sometimes we have to disconnect for a while to regain inner strength and recover peace.

    Thank-you for sharing you thoughts and feelings Fred.

    Anna :o]