Friday, January 4, 2013

Lunes for D'Verse

Kelly Lunes *

Decimated Hearts
Hollowed by
Senseless tragedy

Broken Bayonet
Beneath skin
Sporadic greetings

Cadaver on slab
Shaking head
Younger everyday

Amassing fortune
Voiceless tongue
Lip-syncing silver

Home for arsonists
Burning up
With each season’s change

Collom Lunes**

The gray squirrel
Scurried up the dying oak
Acorn in hand

Pineapples, Cherries, Orange
Combined in a large bowl
Along with grapes

The dogs know
When someone is almost near
Enemy or friend

Candle smoke rises
Permeating vanilla throughout the air
As it flickers

God provides answers
One can pray outside church
As they should

Amateurishly painted mural
Accepted for this Thursday’s show
Displayed beside Monet

Old gnarled root
Rising from beneath the earth
Upsetting the landscape

A beautiful noise
Brings balance to chaotic days
Of silent unrest

It is rude
To turn away as one
Extends their hand

A fallacy of
Recognition, often is seen, when
Darkness covets light

·      Kelly Lunes are three line poems where each line is restricted to a 5-3-5 syllable count respectively
·      Collom Lunes are three lines poems where each line is restricted to a 3-5-3 word count respectively

Stop on over to D’verse were Sam Peralta discusses the Lune tonight.  It is the first Form-For-All of 2013, and a really fun form to play with.  I’ve offered some examples of each type here.  They are easy to think of and again, very fun.  So make sure you stop on by the pub, read Sam’s excellent article on the Lune and visit the linky, where you can read those linked up by the other poets, and also share a Lune post of your own.


  1. each of them can def. stand on their own and paint a whole picture...a gallery of fav the amateur next to the monet...

  2. There is much to ponder and enjoy in your lunes.Thanks for sharing.


  3. I enjoyed both your first Collom and first Kelly lunes.

  4. A collection of sensible sayings and interesting imagery in the Collum lune -- I imagine them like depictions on a tarot card. The old gnarl root spoiling the landscape seems to stand out for me.

    I like the Kelly Lune too -- hints of an incident of a repeated tragedy. My mind links them for a hint of a story. :)

  5. frig...the cadaver ever sad man....the old gnarled root upsetting the landscape, ha, i like thta one as well....each of these is a gem man....very cool...

  6. I was interested to see where you will take this form Fred, and I am not disappointed ~ I particularly like Decimated Hearts and Old gnarled roots ~

  7. Pleased to see you putting up poems for both types of lunes... Those Kelly lunes tackle some pretty serious and sometimes painful subjects, in contrast to the more melancholic and pensive tone of the Collom lunes. It goes to show the versatility and flexibility of these forms, under the hand of a purposeful author.

  8. So many good ones here--I really like the squirrel, the juxtaposition of death with the new life in the acorn. Nice!

  9. A wonderful splay of lunes, Fred. I prefer the collum lune personally, especially like:

    Old gnarled root
    Rising from beneath the earth
    Upsetting the landscape

  10. Interesting for, different from the norm, like the sense of modern too, as the squirrel just goes up, creating a scene.

  11. How prolific you are today, Fred! The second set seems more upbeat. Is that a product of form or process or timing? My favorite is the beautiful noise. It possesses its own perfect balance.

  12. Decimated Hearts sounds just like my favourite soccer team :-(

    Nice selection of lunes Fred.

  13. Great job with both types! My favorite is the third Kelly Lune. That's really powerful.

  14. ..cleverly thought lunes that speak of everyday realities & wisdom.. these flows so easily but not too fragile to read... great...great offerings... smiles...

  15. I really enjoyed your lunes. One of my favorites is the one about the true, they indeed know when vistors (friend or foe) are near. Also liked the one about it being rude to turn very true. A nice set of poems here, Fred.

  16. Fine write of both forms Fred! Can detect a clever touch of chilling episodes in the first as compared to some niceties in the second! Nicely!


  17. not that i didn't already know you have such talent for haikus... but these, you nailed. my faves are the kelly lunes - such power in them. well done!

  18. So interesting, Fred. I especially liked the Collom Lune about the noise bring a kind of piece compared to the silent unrest. That's wonderful and can be very right sometimes. k.

  19. interesting collection. your Kelly lunes seem more gloomy (or biting), while most of your Collom lunes are more pleasant. I find myself more partial to the Kelly lunes.