Saturday, January 5, 2013

If So, Then What Comes Next?

If I fall into an empty well, what kind of real will be known, what kind of truth will show, what will I see, what will I know?

Once awakened from this dream denied, what will be spoken, what will be claimed, what shall be seen?

What will be gained, what will be freed, from a slumbering spell persisting—in waves, in floods what colors shade the love buried beneath the sky above?

If I faint, will you breathe me whole?

Will awareness follow?
                                I do not know
Will you shun your gaze and gasp for air?
                                         I do not dare
Shall we walk away or unite again?
                                         If so, then what comes next?       
                                                           What comes next?
What to do?
     What to do?                


  1. really all the back and forth of questions in the end and i like that the structure gets kinda chaotic as well with them...whats next...we will find when we get there i guess...

  2. never know what is to come, just have to choose a path and hope for the best, forgoing the rest.