Tuesday, March 22, 2011

An Attack By Dwarves (Mythic Series Volume One)

Canvas the brush when creatures sleep
Quietly survey the open field
Transforming the present image
Into the way it shall look tomorrows’ eve,

Lutes recording time in notes
Taping up wounded brothers,
Closing the lids on many more,
Friends and foes alike,
Flesh is flesh without
All shall pass and pay reckoning,
All shall meet his time, and pay his due,

When I returned to camp,
Lights were dim, as they should,
Yet something just did not feel right,
From sheathing unleashed a flash
Of tempered moonlight,
Stealth never being my strongest suit,
Charging like I’ve been raised,
A boar attacking prey at night,
I find ogre children or so I thought,
Standing aligned, center of a circle,
All my kind were entranced, bewildered
Under some evil notion each of them,
And there then in that moment,
As light reflects their form uncovers, the mangled faces of these wicked fiends,

Tricksters, half men, imps, devils’ rejects
Different parts hold different names, beast or man; I will not ask this of them,
But distrusted in any case, flows from their eyes to the paralyzed,
Emitting stories, drawing pity from the emotionless,
Like succubus draining blood, taking souls from each of them,
Letting slowly until the flesh will collapse around bone
So bold they continued still,
They saw my rage, and I their fear,
Yet they stood cement to mud, their trance would not be censured,
Only way to sever this, detach their skulls midsentence,

As my clan recovered without recollection of these events,
Events I shall not remind out of respect and friendship,
I display dwarf, another of their name, upon dwarf to the pyre,
The blackened smoke will signal another talisman,
Yet another gateway removed,
This a message to their darkened master,
Next time you best try better


  1. That was great entertainment. Dwarves should appear in poetry more often.

  2. KShawnedgar, thanks for visiting glad you liked the piece. I agree dwarves are way underused in poetry:) This piece was the first book of 11 tales and 2 songs(odes) in my Mythic series. If you'd like scroll through my library and look for the poems with Mythic listed parenthetically to see more of the Mythic saga. Thanks again:)