Thursday, March 24, 2011

Springtime Leads to Summer (Not so Fast, says your Mother)

Trees begin to sprout natural green
Oxygenation levels rise organically
Sun sprays to the heart
Rays of light envisioned
By heroes of everyday land
Normal, average every men,
They’ve got intriguing blueprints,
Yet when their canvass returns to bleakness
When the vision is blurred
When heat withdraws
A different message is conveyed,

Whiteouts in almost April,
When just last week we travelled to the attic,
Pulled out the boxes,
And renewed old acquaintances,
We’d hope to become re-familiar very soon,

And I awoke today; the same as every day,
Yet when I opened up the curtains,
Raised the blinds, certain to see a few days into spring time,
Green grass coated by misplaced snow,
Instead of outside, inside we return,
Instead of removing the plastic from the pane, we increase the heating bill once again

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